Monday, March 18, 2013

My introduction

My introduction

Hello there reader.
I am, The Apprentice. Of course not in real life, but here, I am.

This blog, has but one purpose. I don't make this for someone else, of course I enjoy it if someone else finds it interesting, but it's mainly for my own personal gain.

You see, I'm not someone I really feel happy being. I'm an 18 year old guy, currently in my last year before college. It is now I need to change.

  • I am very shy
This, is not a good thing. I need to teach myself how to become less of that, and more outgoing. I'm known for being very friendly, one can almost say too friendly, as I let everyone else and their needs go ahead of my own.

  • I have very bad confidence issues

    This, is also a bad thing for me. I personally don't actually believe I'll be able to pull through college at all. But lately, I've decided to change, and will try my best to push through it all.

    • I have big issues about focusing on the more important things

    I have no problem learning new things, it's sticking with them that's the issue. For my college education I plan on selecting a very hard course, with loads of studying in math, etc. Something I will need to have learned by then, is to focus.


    These are just the first issues that popped up in my head, but, all in all, I very much dislike the whole entity which is me. These are the main issues, as well as other more 'cosmetic' ones, such as being displeased with how my body is. But that's something I plan on changing.

    So, dear reader, I am not some sort of special person, I'm just a normal human being, who, like many of others out there, aren't satisfied with who they are, and have finally, decided to change things for the better.

    Therefore, I welcome you, to take part of my journey. In this blog, I will therefore post personal victories, be they small or meaningless to others, to me, they do mean a lot.

    And why am I doing this in such a public place as the internet you ask? Simple, to keep myself going. If I kept a log for myself, I would have no real reason to keep it up. I'm weak willed, if you may. But if it's online, it's all out in the open. If I give up, the whole world can see it. Therefore, I've made the decision to do this blog.
    And in the end, I hope I'll be able to look back at this ..
    .. and see, AN UNLIKELY SUCCESS STORY, unfold before me.

    - The Apprentice

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