Thursday, April 4, 2013

A new today
Live the way you want
To live your life
And all will come in time


Things have changed in my life. Miniscule, so may be, but changes nevertheless. To finally become happy with my own body, I've decided to take the first step towards doing something about it. I've contacted a local martial art practitioner, and hopefully I will be able to join them for a test class.
Why martial arts though? It's simple, really. Ordinary sports usually bore me and I find standing around in the gym as dull as can be. I want to do something that teaches me, which makes me learn something new, something useful.

I've also picked the course I want my education to go in. Soon enough, I'll be heading of for college .. Assuming I get accepted, that is. I have no plans on changing my direction now, it's set. I will pick a very hard route for myself, but hopefully, the end result will keep my will strong.

Not much else has been going on recently. School is taking most of my time, and I try my best to keep my grades up.

Thank you for reading

 - The Apprentice

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